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Parcel Delivery

We Use Fastway And Australia Post For Our National Delivery Service




* Melbourne Metro A3 size max 3Kg satchel $6.90
* Australia Metro city’s A2 size max 5Kg satchel $11.00
* Outer Melbourne and other capital cities except the Northern Territory $11.95 A3 size max 3Kg satchel


Australia Regular Post:


* To all Australian capital cities up to 500g $7.45
* Melbourne Metro max 22Kg $10.05
* Australia (310 x 405) size max 3Kg satchel $13.40
* Australia (435 x 510) size max 5Kg satchel $17.10

Australia Express Post:

* To all Australian capital cities up to 500g $10.20
* Melbourne Metro max 22Kg $13.90
* Australia (310 x 405) size max 3Kg satchel $14.80
* Australia (435 x 510) size max 5Kg satchel $24.15

* For other sizes and weights please contact us 

Australia Regular Post terms: click here

Australia Express Post terms: click here

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