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  • First Need XLE Portable Water Purifier

First Need Portable Water Purifier

First Need XLE™ Elite portable water purifier delivers convenient chemical-free water purification for outdoor adventures and international travel.

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First Need XLE Portable Water Purifier

Delivers portable convenient chemical free water purifier for outdoor adventures and international travel.

* Award winning “Structured Matrix” and easy to use
* First Need is Lightweight and compact

* No Hold Time or Double-Pumping
* NEW Clean Out Port
* Indicates End of Useful Capacity
* New and improved features include increased capacity – more debris holding capacity
* Faster flow rate portable water purifier
* Advanced “Direct Connect” versatility……… fits more bottles and hydration packs
* Secure connector / Pressure Relief tube
* More secure hose for backwashing
* Flexible Sanitary Cover relocated for easier bottle attachment
* Increased impact resistance
* Easier pumping water purifier
* Increased Durability and Capacity for More Savings.
* Indepedently certified to EPA Guide Standard Protocol for Microbiological Purifiers against Bacteria, Cysts and Viruses! 


* Flow Rate: 1.89 L/min
* Avg. Cartridge Capacity: 568 Litres 

* Particle Retention Rating: 0.1 nominal (0.4 absolute)
* Weight: 450 grams
* Length: 15.9cm
* Tube Length: 91cm
* Working Temperature: 33°-100°F (0.5° – 38°C


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