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  • First Need Trav-L-Pure Water Purifier Replacement Cartridge

First Need Trav-L-Pure Water Purifier Cartridge

Replacement cartridge Designed for local and international adventurers, for use with the self-contained First Need Trav-L-Pure water purifier 

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First Need Trav-L-Pure Water Purifier Cartridge

* Chemical-Free, Proprietary Structured Matrix Technology – No Iodine So No Iodine Taste
* Independently certified to meet EPA Purification Guide Standards
Particle Retention 0.1 Micron (Normal), 0.4 (Absolute); Can Purify Up To 125 Gal. Of Water (Dependent On Water Source)
* Easy To Clean and replace: Entire Internal Assembly Can Be Removed From The Container By Simply Removing The Pump Barrel Nut.
* Peace Of Mind: Before Each Use You Can Test The Purifier So You Know That It Is Working
* Cartridge Capacity: Up To 400 Litres Per Canister (Depends On Source Water Quality).
* Flow Rate: 1.25 Litres Per Minute
* Made in the USA

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