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  • Instant Boiling & Chilled water on Tap Dispenser
  • IC8 Under Sink Or Remote Drinking Water Chiller

IC8 Water Chiller

Suitable for domestic or small office applications. Approximately 8 LPH cooling capacity. 1.9L storage tank.

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IC8 Water Chiller

The IC8 under sink compact, remote water chiller is designed for use with drinking fountains, filters, bubblers or glass fillers, thereby enabling any drinking station to supply chilled refreshing water.

It can be installed under a sink or bench, in the ceiling, on a column, an adjacent wall, or in a service area. In fact it’s perfect for virtually any single remote outlet at home or in the office and with the addition of optional filtration, it delivers fresh clean chilled water.


• Lead and copper free waterways
• 1.9 litre stainless steel chilling tank
• 6 Litres/hour cooling capacity
• Stainless steel internal waterways
• Galvalume corrosion resistant cabinet
• 8 cup initial draw-off volume
• Dual, fan assisted static condensers
• Easy to install


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