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  • Instant Boiling & Ambient water on Tap

Insinkerator compatible hot water tank

Compatible instant hot water Stainless Steel Tank for Insinkerator models HC3300 H3300 GN1100 HC1100

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Insinkerator Compatible Hot Water Tank

We Service & Repair Boiling Hot Water Tap Units In Sunshine, Yarraville, Footscray And Around The Western Suburbs

Product Details:

* Insinkerator compatible Hot Water Tank 
* Energy-efficient: 
* Green Material: The best material of thermal insulation meets the UL94 standard
* Prevent Empty Burning: Automated Heater Protection
* Hygienic: Design of detachable stainless steel tank which can be cleaned after prolonged use.  Large 2.5 liter tank supplies about 105 cups per hour capacity.
* Innovation: SUS304 Ring Type Heater.  Bigger heating area, faster heat conduction, more power-efficient, and longer life time.
* New design model greatly reduces water dripping (a flaw of traditional instant hot water dispensers)

No Filter system included 
* boiler tank unit  
* Can be used to replace insinkerator hot water tank slight modification needed to water feed inlet hose on tap ( Insinkerator plastic tank fitting needs to be removed ) 
* Can be used to replace many brands boiling hot water units 
* Instant Boiling Water Tank Only
* Note after market replacement part for Insinkerator
* All parts included to replace your old insinkerator hot water tank
* Very easy to change over 



* Hot Water Tank: 2.5L
* Watt: 1500W
* Dimension: 22x 32x 25cm
105 cups per hour capacity

Compatible with Insinskerator models HC3300   H3300   GN1100 HC1100


Additional information

Weight 6 kg
Dimensions 25 × 22 × 32 cm


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