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  • Instant-Hot-Water-Tap
  • IC8 Under Sink Or Remote Drinking Water Chiller
  • Instant Boiling & Ambient water on Tap
  • InLine Sediment Filter
  • Non Return Pressure Reducing Valve 3/8"
  • Instant Boiling & Chilled water on Tap Dispenser

Instant Boiling and Chilled Water Tap

Compact instant boiling & chilled water dispenser for use with our Stainless Steel Tank for filtered near-boiling and cool drinking water 

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Instant boiling and chilled water tap

Hot Water Boiler Product Details:

* Energy-efficient: environmental friendly & energy efficient design.
* Construction: Steel construction with beautify plastic face panel.
* Retains heat: Tank has full layer of thermal insulation .
* Boiler dry protection: Auxiliary over temperature cutout switch.
* Hygienic: Large 4 liter stainless steel tank supplies about 60 cups per hour capacity.
* Sensitive temperature control: Reboils after first cup of water is poured 
* Heating Indication: Power on and heating up indicator leds
* Reliable: No complicated pumps and motors to fail 


* Hot Water Tank: 4L
* Watt: 750W / 240V
* Safety design Panasonic ELCB circuit breaker
* Dimension: W 24x D 18x H 39cm
* Weight 4.4 KG
* 8L/hr  capacity ( 60 x 200ml cups hr )
* Stainless steel 316 water tank
* Double protection with two thermostats
* Woko Japanese backup thermostat
* One year warranty 

Water Filter Product Details:

* InLine Water Filter included Carbon & Polyphoshate
 Effectively reduces Chlorine, Taste & Odor and Scale • Service life 5600 liters

Water Chiller Product Details:

IC8 Under Sink Water Chiller 


• Lead and copper free waterways

• 1.9 litre stainless steel chilling tank

• 6 Litres/hour cooling capacity

• Stainless steel internal waterways

• Galvalume corrosion resistant cabinet

• 8 cup initial draw-off volume

• Dual, fan assisted static condensers

• Easy to install



• 6 lph Water Chiller

• 4 lt Boiling Water Tank 

• Twin Vented Tap
Pressure Limiting Valve PLV 350kpa ( protects system )
• 43mm kitchen bench air vent

• PRV110 Chiller anti freeze Pressure Relief Valve
• Drain connector from for anti freeze valve 

• Inline water Filter

• 2″ Filter Clamp 

• Main Water Connector 1/2″M x 1/2″F x 1/4″F Port


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Weight 12 kg


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