Drinking Water filters

Water filter installation Werribee 

Home or Office

Under Sink Filters

We install under-sink water filters at your home or office, single, twin, ultraviolet sanitation and reverse osmosis water filtration systems.

Bench Top Water Filter

Bench top water filter systems are portable & can be installed directly onto your existing tap in just a few easy steps. DIY installation

 Portable Water Filter

Compact and easy to use, our hiking water filters use advanced technology that eliminates all harmful substances from the water. 

Boiling Hot Water On Tap

Boiling, Chilled or Ambient Filtered Water On Tap

Stone bench top installations, Under-sink, Benchtop, motor-home and camper water purifiers. 

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More than 20 years experience in Werribee

Experienced installing water filter systems on a variety of brands.

New motor-home or camper project?.

We can help setup your new motor-home or camper project and supply you with the correct parts needed to get out of Werribee like never before.

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Travel off the grid and leave Werribee for weeks and still have fresh clean drinking water

Systems available 

Water Werribee Melbourne 

Drinking water fountains for office, Gym, Home or School  


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UV-C LED Water Purifiers Werribee 

UV-C led water purifier with dedicated ultraviolet tap, high quality Nano-Silver, Nano-Copper, Titanium antibacterial filter. 

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Travel Purifiers Werribee 

Elite portable water purifier delivers convenient chemical-free water purification for outdoor adventures and international travel.

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